Our Story


Genesis | The Foundation

In January 2019, Emertech Innovations was founded, driven by a profound understanding of various domains and the transformative possibilities of blockchain within them. The team expanded with the addition of the first members in June 2019, marking the initial steps in their collaborative journey


Cultivating Success and Innovation in Agriculture

In 2020, our team grew to 7 members at SINE IIT Bombay, winning the Animal Husbandry Startup Grand Challenge and securing the 'AIT 2019-2020 grant' from Swissnex. Demonstrating commitment to quality, we implemented full farm-to-fork traceability for 110 varieties of produce at Sahyadri Farms, Nashik.


Milestones in Innovation and Expansion

In our ongoing journey, we secured the 'Inspiring Futures- Dubai' award, implemented the world's first financial transparent farm-to-fiber blockchain traceability for 100% cotton T-shirts, and celebrated the relocation of Emertech Innovations to a new office in Navi Mumbai.


Tech Accolades and Market Ventures

Celebrating recognition in the Cisco Agri Challenge, we earned the title of 'Best Organization for Leveraging Technology.' Partnering with Peterson Control Union, we provided blockchain- backed certification for the 'General Certificate for Conformity' Additionally, we ventured into entertainment by creating an NFT marketplace for the Marathi film 'Sher Shivraj' and innovated with a Carbon credit marketplace for 'CarboX.'


Strategic Ventures and Accolades

In a fruitful partnership with Mahindra Logistics, we piloted an internal blockchain- based data management system as a part of 'Catapult' and established a technology alliance through an MoU.Our achievements were further highlighted as we received the 'Blockchain Service Award' from the MSME Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India and were named 'Agritech Startup of the Year' by FICCI.


Future Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize B2B and government operations through cutting-edge blockchain solutions. We are focusing on traceability across supply chains, building custom business solutions, and providing additional security to data. We will focus on pioneering the integration of zero-knowledge proofs to ensure unparalleled data privacy and trust in an evolving digital world.