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Track and Trace

Leveraging extensive expertise in blockchain technology, we offer comprehensive solutions for tracking and tracing various supply chains. Our system ensures an immutable record of transactions, guaranteeing consistent, real-time transparency across diverse stakeholder networks.

Certification and Authentication

Claims and guarantees can be strengthened in the enterprise and government sectors by leveraging the immutable permanence of blockchain, thereby authenticating the source and associated claims. We have extensive experience in providing additional solid mechanisms to avoid counterfeits.

Zero-Knowledge Proof-Based Solutions

Leveraging the power of Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP) on the blockchain, we offer cutting-edge solutions designed to enhance privacy and security without compromising on transparency. Our ZKP-based solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of various industries- from Identity Verification where we want to prove identity attributes without revealing actual information, to supply chain integrity where we can verify claims without exposing sensitive information.

Tokenomics and Marketplace

Our expertise focuses on creating robust token models that enhance utility, governance, and value for a balanced economic system. We navigate complex regulatory environments, ensuring compliance while optimising market opportunities.

Our Solutions




Several enterprises have a lengthy and necessary flow to complete and generate certain results, these heavy and multi-layered processes have to be performed by many people from multiple roles and departments, this flow usually results in inconsistencies and operational inefficiencies. For Mahindra Logistics, they wanted to address the same while obtaining transparency around the platform for actions performed and integrity of data flowing. Emertech Innovations started as a part of Catapult and began working on a blockchain platform to track and trace data flowing through and out of the system.


Sahyadri Farms is India’s largest farmer collective for Fruits and Vegetables and the largest exporter of grapes in India. They handle around 110 varieties of crops that are sourced for 1000s of farmers. Emertech Innovations with Sahyadri Farms created history by successfully tracking around 5.2 Million SKUs by providing end-to-end traceability from Farm to Fork to the consumers as well as to the farmers to understand what happens to the produce once it leaves their farms.


Peterson Control Union partners with Emertech Innovations to integrate blockchain-backed traceability for Cotton Textile certification, specifically the General Certificate for Conformity (GCC). Control Union, operating across diverse industries, aims to drive sustainability and efficiency. The textile sector, historically linked to environmental and social issues, faces growing demand for certified, sustainable products. The introduction of blockchain aims to eliminate false claims, verify audits, and ensure data integrity throughout the supply chain, addressing concerns such as child labor, workers' rights, and environmental impact in the textile industry.